Episode 9: A Death Rune for John Murphy

This episode of the Radio Wyrd podcast is a death rune for John Murphy, who passed away on October 11th 2015. It features an interview with John recorded in Helsinki, Finland, in the spring of 2008.

John Murphy was a legendary Australian-born musician, a multi-instrumentalist, drummer and percussionist, who dedicated his life to music. John was also a seeker of truth and knowledge, often in the realms of esoteric tradition, of which he was a curious and open-minded explorer and seeker, as is reflected in the wide subject matter of this interview.

The interview covers John's background as a drummer, as well as his experiences with more special areas of percussion, such as “voodoo drumming” and Indian tablas; his interest and experiences with a variety of worldwide metaphysical healing techniques and harmonic vocal sound therapies; his involvement with the seminal industrial event of the eighties, “The Equinox Event”, as well as his portrayal in the book England's Hidden Reverse; his role in the film Dogs in Space, where he played a biker on crutches; his experiences playing with Nico, Orchestra of Skin and Bone, and Whitehouse; the ideas of Vril, Odic force or orgone energy; and his interest in gnosticism and hermeticism.

John Murphy is survived by his wife Annie, his numerous friends and allies worldwide, and his considerable musical legacy.

A memorial article written by Aki Cederberg of Radio Wyrd can be accessed here.

The final KnifeLadder album, "This World On Fire”, featuring John Murphy, has been released digitally. All proceeds will go directly to his wife as a contribution to funeral costs and to support her over the comings weeks and months. Purchase it here.

Music selections (used with permission from the artists):
KNIFELADDER: Scorched Earth (from the album: Organic Traces)
MAA: Toive (excerpt from the album: Tuhkankantajat)
OF THE WAND AND THE MOON: Sunspot (from the album: Lone Descent)
DEATH IN JUNE: Death of a Man (Unreleased recording, live in Tampere, Finland, 2003)

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