Four men come together to sit by a wooden table, drink whisky and ponder about the multi-faceted nature of reality and life itself, in all its wonder and mystery, via stories, dialogue and laughter.

Radio Wyrd is a podcast featuring the resulting transmissions. From the totally light-hearted and funny to the deeply serious, it will deal with a wide variety of subjects not limited to any area in particular. Topics might range from various forms of cultural expression to current affairs, from psychoactive substances to martial arts, from ancient civilizations to futuristic visions.

Guests, friends and strangers alike, will be brought to the table to share their views on particular topics. Radio Wyrd is like a modern version of the ancient arenas, where stories and ideas meet and merge via dialogue rooted in a spirit of comradeship and connectedness, a promethean quest for knowledge, as well as an irreverent sense of humor.

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The gentlemen behind Radio Wyrd:

Konstantin Tuonihovi

Aki Cederberg
Risto-Matti Salo
Audio Guru
Jykä Varpio

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